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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Fleshtones - It's Super Rock Time! The I.R.S. Years 1980-1985

The Fleshtones had too many parallel passions---and knew exactly what to do with every last one of them---to be dismissed as mere garage rock revivalists. In the middle of what they used to call New Wave, the Fleshtones must have confused a few too many people. Their rhythm section belonged as much to 1960s soul (and as much to the Rascals as Stax) as it did the classic garage bands to whom they were (and still are) usually aligned. Lead singer Peter Zaremba sounded as though he spent at least as much time learning from the Yardbirds' Keith Relf as from the Seeds' snarling Sky Saxon (he was probably the most elementary harmonica blower since Relf, too), while his keyboard sounds may have exhumed the vintage cheeseball Farfisa/Vox but rarely burred their way too far afront the backbeat. Lead guitarist Keith Streng sounded as though he owed as much to Steve Cropper as he did to any fuzz-box-bending punk down the block or sneaking into an Electric Prunes session. And the whole thing had a patina that hinted without reaching all the way to power pop. (They were simply too energetic and unapologetic for that.) The Fleshtones, in short, plopped all those ingredients into a rock and roll Mixmaster and didn't seem to object that not every speed was the high speed for driving attachments.

It made (and still does) for incandescent rock and roll and should have made for incandescent commercial success. Except that the Fleshtones were (and remain) too far short of the smugger-than-thou implosiveness of punk (and, later, grunge) and too far divorced from dance music's early 1980s descent into faceless automatonism. Their music was (and remains) too steeped in the idea that rock and roll has a history to be enhanced, not nostalgised. You can't revive what you never let go of in the first place. And they still crank it out today, sounding (not to mention writing and covering) like anything except a bunch of aging wretches living on the past.

But if you want to get your hands and ears on what made their name in the first place, this is going to have to do until their entire IRS catalog (which has been out of print for years) is unearthed and remastered. Come to think of it, you're almost there with this set, anyway---everything from "Roman Gods" is here except for "Chinese Kitchen," and that's a loss. (Dare yourself to think of anyone else who could imagine the Yardbirds as surf music, which is exactly the way "Chinese Kitchen" sounds.) On the other hand, you get most of their best early music ("Fleshtone '77," "R-I-G-H-T-S," "Roman Gods," "The World Has Changed," "Hope Come Back") and the single best soul cover of their time, their rip-snorting remake of Lee Dorsey's "Ride Your Pony" (written by Aaron Neville, a minor hit amidst Dorsey's ongoing inability to nail anything as popular as "Ya-Ya"), on which they achieve what only a very few (including the Beatles' "Twist and Shout," incidentally) have managed: they bury the original beneath the ocean floor. Add to that the six best songs from "Hexbreaker" and a couple of more delicious odds and ends, and this should hold you very nicely until that IRS catalog is resurrected.

"It's Super-Rock Time!" has the virtue of living up to its self-congratulatory title. Their fans have been saying that on the threshold of Fleshtones shows for years. Maybe the rest of rock and roll will catch on at last.

01. The Dreg (Fleshtone-77) (3:13)
02. The World Has Changed (3:12)
03. New Scene (2:54)
04. Screamin' Skull (3:26)
05. I've Gotta Change My Life (2:28)
06. Shadow Line (3:11)
07. All Around The World (3:19)
08. Right Side Of A Good Thing (3:31)
09. Stop Fooling Around (4:00)
10. The Girl From Baltimore (2:31)
11. Hexbreaker (4:11)
12. What's So New (About You)? (2:48)
13. R-I-G-H-T-S (2:35)
14. Roman Gods (4:41)
15. Deep In My Heart (3:10)
16. Hope Come Back (2:26)
17. Let's See The Sun (2:40)
18. Ride Your Pony (3:17)
19. The Theme From "The Vindicators" (2:23)
20. American Beat '84 (3:28)
21. Hide And Seek (Live) (2:42)
22. Return To The Haunted House (Live) (2:16)
23. Watch This (Live) (2:29)
24. I'm Back (Live) (2:15)
25. La La La La (Live) (3:43)


Friday, May 15, 2009

Pell Mell – Interstate

An earthy, refreshingly straightahead U.S. answer to Britain's Durutti Column, this quartet serves up a dozen guitar-based alternative rock instrumentals on its Geffen debut. With organ, piano, and guitar trading lead roles, "Nothing Lies Still for Long," "Anna Karina," and "Vegetable Kingdom" (the lone track with a vocal, albeit a backwards one) are entrancing. Pell Mell are one of the great instrumental groups... They craft exquisitely beautiful, at times tears-inducing, melodic/rhythmic instrumental pieces. What sets Pell Mell apart from the post rock drone clones is that each individual has an incredibly strong instrumental "voice" that comes through on every recording. This is not a "jam band", but 4 like minds who somehow cohere around these fragile, spare, then driving and powerful, mini-masterpieces. This thing stands as a compelling statement of guitarology, a true-blue andidote to everything Britney. Like a bolt/jolt of central-cortex crack, this CD never fails. Just try to throw it our your car window. Can't be done.

1. Nothing Lies Still Long 2. Revival 3. Anna Karina 4. Saucer 5. Pound Cake 6. Constellation 7. Blacktop 8. Butterfly Effect 9. Drift 10. Vegetable Kingdom 11. Ether 12. Floating Gate


Trans Am – Sex Change

Trans Am has always been a predominantly instrumental band that plays ironic sounds unironically. They're a perfect example of a modern "cult" band; they have a large following and make most of their money touring, existing largely outside the weblog-and-myspace-driven word of mouth which propels most indie-label, rock-based music these days. Change was recorded in Auckland, New Zealand at a recording school with equipment on loan by the brilliant Chris Knox, then later in Brooklyn at Oneida's headquarters without their usual array of vocoders or any of their regular gear. Easily their best album since 2000's Red Line, Sex Change is typically eclectic but pushes their sound further towards '70s stadium prog, keyboard-driven Krautrock, shredding '80s rock, John Carpenter soundtracks from the late 1970s, super clean and mellow funk-rock, and whatever you call the kind of music they play behind sports play-by-plays. Good listen and moderately challenging.

1. First Words 2. North East Rising Sun 3. Obscene Strategies 4. Conspracy Of The Gods 5. Exit Management Solution 6. Climbing Up The Ladder (Parts III And IV) 7. 4,738 Regrets 8. Reprieve 9. Tesco v. Sainsbury's 10. Shining Path 11. Triangular Pyramid


Friday, April 17, 2009

Plastron – Super Sex Hero

Second release from this Philly-based, garage, psychedelic, new-wave, whatsamacallit run amok like a rabid Scooby Doo through haunted woods, vertiginous galaxies and cavernous depths. By halftime they’ve administered a master shot of adrenaline that an elephant dart of Diazepam couldn’t combat.On occasion they slip: occasionally you’ll accuse vocalist Lil of openly mimicking either EP-era Karen O (sans Neanderthal sex), or, during Scary Circus, the faux-innocence of Stefani. But, ultimately, the flaws add to the charm, the uncertainty as to whether everyone is in the same race barely affording the listener time to breathe. If you liked the first one – see archives – you’ll like this one better.

1. Super Sex Hero 2. Extra Strength Dog Polish 3. Out 4. Mouse Parade 5. Spanish Spy 6. Sea Hunt 7. Scary Circus 8. Kiss Ass Bar Mitzvah 9. I Heart Jupiter 10. Erosion 11. Desert 2000 12. Out pt. 2 13. Mr. Gravity


Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Hypno-Twists -- Introducing...

Indie Rock Day - Hypnotwists - Introducing

This OOP disc is an ABSOLUTE GEM! The Hypno-Twists are an incredible cornucopia of practically EVERY 60s style of music. High Energy 60s garage, Surf, go-go, Exotica and Spaghetti Westerns are what you'll experience when you hear this. Energetic and eclectic, it takes you up and down a vast emotional scale and never relents. Just when I thought I had pretty much figured out what to expect, I realized I hadn't. They do some of the BEST Spagetti western I have heard -- that's saying a lot. You can dance and rock out and TRIP OUT to this. They should have a record, a 12 inch. Their cover of Primitive is an epic and is a mind blower. I like Taken and La ley de hiello and Cape and You need...bad a lot. Great rock n roll to be sure.

You Need it Bad 2. Cape ST. Francis 3. La Ley de Hielo 4. Bolero 5. Cactus 6. Ain't Gonna Get Old 7. Purple Alert 8. Primitivo 9. Taken 10. Zombie Maker 11. He's Waitin' 12. Unknown live bonus 13. Unknown live bonus

Plastron - Enchanted Evening

"Once the surf guitar of the first three tracks has washed over you, Plastron kick sand with the appropriately titled Blast exploding into something altogether punkier, funkier, catchier and downright scarier. From then on this Philly-based, garage, psychedelic, new-wave, whatsamacallit run amok like a rabid Scooby Doo through haunted woods, vertiginous galaxies and cavernous depths. By halftime they’ve administered a master shot of adrenaline that an elephant dart of Diazepam couldn’t combat.

On occasion they slip: occasionally you’ll accuse vocalist Lil of openly mimicking either EP-era Karen O (sans Neanderthal sex), or, during Scary Circus, the faux-innocence of Stefani. But, ultimately, the flaws add to the charm, the uncertainty as to whether everyone is in the same race barely affording the listener time to breathe.

Even when the sub-3 minute orgasm Pizaaz teases you with climax - lyrics unravelling into ‘Oohs’, ‘Aaahs’ and ‘Ngarghs!’ while clinically-possessed guitar, bass, and cans throb relentlessly behind - they shoot further still into Crusader Invader and, strong contender for song-title-of-the-year, Kick-Ass Bar Mitzvah (with Kalashnikov snares no less!). Finally, once 45 seconds of this magnificent, lurching album reverse before your ears on closer Reprise, you are plunked back at the start, dizzy but safe in the sand. Now, have a quick-deserved rest before jumping back in the rip for another ride."

~Andy Knight, Coloursonic, UK

Think B52's meet Wendy O and Lydia Lunch - whoa.

1. Esirper 2. Electric Box 3. Extra Strength Dog Polish 4. Blast 5. El Gato 6. Enchanted Evening 7. Jet Fueled Mind 8. Roctopus 9. Scary Circus10. Pinazz 11. Crusader Invader 12. Kick Ass Bar Mitzvah 13. Reprise


Meerkats – Enemy Planet

A remarkably strong indie release, Enemy Planet's 14 tracks draw from the various incarnations of punk and garage rock with echo-laden single -note guitar-lines making deft references to nebulous TV detective and beach movie themes: all held together by a strong melodic sense and clever lyrical constructs. Early faves include “Enemy Planet” a massive surf instro, "Shape of Your Skull" (a dopey, driving crusher), The Merseybeat-tinged "Psychograph", the amp-shredding "Tornados of Blackhawk County (with a metallic guitar coda that I swear is lifted from Gary Lewis' "this Diamond Ring") and the creepy "Too Precious for Words" (which recalls Pink Flag-era Wire). There's a lot going on here, and a lot left to unveil itself. A good record by a band with a remarkably sure sense of itself that seems destined to one day bring this planet around to their side.

1 Enemy Planet 2 The Thinker 3 Shape of Your Skull 4 Twenty Twenty 5 Psychograph 6 Fancy Girl 7 Tornados of Blackhawk County 8 Cigarette Baby 9 Too Precious For Words 10 The Way of the Derelict 11 Illusion of Hair 12 Subculture of Nerds 13 She Did Not Beleive Him 14 He Rides His Bike


Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Sidewinders - Come and Get It

The Sidewinders, through a blending of referential solo, and modern technique, have brought all the excitement and energy of bygone days back to life. They have supercharged, tubed, and glass-packed their rockabilly/surfabilly forms, creating a thunderous showpiece that purrs like a kitten, both classically familiar and strikingly new.

They are a robust rockabilly/jump blues/surf power trio blazing forth on an effort that puts the spotlight on guitarist and vocalist Dan Peters' extensive skills. The disc contains originals that feature his full baritone and big guitar sound (especially on the wild and wicked instrumental "The Spooky Surfer" - worth the price of admission by itself) along with a hot cover of Lieber and Stollers "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah."

Stylistically the songs range from trucker to blues to serious rock all infectiously played with lots of gusto and twang - yummy.

This album is Buddy Holly, Brian Setzer, Elvis and Steve Vai, pulling low nines in the same candy-apple red '57 Chevy. Overall, The Sidewinders are able to perform a mean trick: make vibrant modern music from several retro forms. You will be chuggin’ along on this way after the music stops playing. Way recommended, even with the vocals.

1. The Girl At the Diner 2. Gone So Long 3. Stand Down 4. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 5. The Long Road Home 6. Somebody to Love 7. She Put a Spell On Me 8. Way Down Low 9. The Spooky Surfer


Friday, January 9, 2009

MC Honky – I Am the Messiah

Think "United Future Organization", mixed with some "Fat Boy Slim", a pinch of "Dandy Warhols", and all layered on top of a 60's flick soundtrack.

I Am the Messiah is a bold statement for a debut artist but it might make slightly more sense when you realize that you’re actually hearing seasoned veteran, E of the Eels.

Under the moniker MC Honky, E displays a masterful ability to splice dance beats, samples, live instrumentation and weird old self-help vocal recordings into comical, absurd and sometimes heartrending tracks. "A Good Day to Be You" instructs fragile egos — "Look into the mirror, it’s a good day to be you, aww yeah"— as strings swell and cascade. "Soft Velvety Fer" captures the opposite mood. The vocals are an answering machine message left by a neurotic woman (who sounds like the woman on the Eels’ "Manchild" from Beautiful Freak) who wants to quit taking the anti-depressant Zoloft. Set to jazzy percussion and guitar, the woman’s plight is ridiculous until her fear of her own mind becomes palpable and unnerving. A wonderful album. Just makes me happy.

1. Sonnet No. 3 (Like A Duck) 2. Hung Up 3. The Object 4. A Good Day To Be You 5. Baby Elephant Rock-a-bye 6. What A Bringdown 7. Only A Rose Pt. 1 8. My Bad Seed 9. The Devil Went Down To Silverlake 10. Soft Velvety 'fer 11. The Baby That Was You 12. 3 Turntables & 2 Microphones 13. Only A Rose Pt. II


The Bosch – Buy One Get One

It's fun to hear a garage band doing something different. The Bosch have a full, shuffling sound with a keyboard player who also plays sax and clarinet. The horns give them a 50s rock influence, especially on a couple of hand-clapping numbers and the ballady "Teenage Symphony." Along with rockabilly drumming, skanky upbeat horn lines, and good Lou Reed-ish rock vox, they're raucous in a Who meets the White Light/White Heat era Velvets way, but executed with good, clean fun.

Come on Phillie 2. Movie Director 3. Metronome 4. Matching Girlfriend 5. Teenage Symphony 6. Back to the Laboratory 7. Zombie Killer 8. Napoleon Invades Russia 9. Tell the Doctor

Bent Scepters – Blind Date with Destiny

The Bent Scepters made their debut in 1996 with Blind Date with Destiny, an album similar to the recordings of bands like Weezer. It is clear that the group didn't have any intentions other than having the listeners have as much fun as the group had while making this recording. These "party" songs, such as the irresistible "Take it Like a Man" and the rowdy tune "Gassed," all sound unique in their own way despite the fact that they are all quite short and are highlighted by similar guitar rhythms. It may not be a classic release of the '90s, but Blind Date with Destiny has enough catchy melodies to have fans of the genre looking forward to the Bent Scepter's next release.

You'll Be Sorry Now 2. No Way Down 3. Kissing Truman Capote's Pictures 4. I Love You 5. Deep Inside My Soul 6. Super Chimp 7. Shalako 8. Open Up Your Mind 9. Take The Fall 10. Gold Digger 11. Eagle Has Landau 12. Take It Like A Man 13. Journey To The Delstars 14. Gassed 15. Chinese Burn 16. The Warning


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mister Neutron - Mister Neutron Loves You

With a tight trio of talented musicians behind its sturdy, steady sound, Mister Neutron Loves You takes you in 19 different musical directions, all of them leading back to the roots of great rock 'n' roll. Especially strong are the blues and surf tracks that make you realize just how good these genres can be with the right people playing the instruments. The instros like Danger:Diabolik are surf/spy goodies so you can tell they are leaning in that direction.

This is the first and lesser known Mister Neutron album - more indie rock - like a less frantic They Might Be Giants - yes- this one has vocals. They evolved into a powerful surf instro combo for the next two outings - Red Triangle has been posted by Trustar - see links.

1 Love Theme From Mister Neutron 2 A Mod Proposal 3 Soledad O'Brien 4 Danger: Diabolik 5 Pretty Green Thing 6 Special Boy 7 Mrs. Neil Armstrong 8 Atomic Supermen 9 Naughty Bits 10 Hydroplaning 11 Go, Stinky Monkey! 12 Casbah 13 Waterworks 14 Pyramid Scheme 15 Dreaming I'm Driving 16 10'll Gretsch You 20 17 Robot Arm 18 Mister Neutron Loves You 19 Whirligig



Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Hi- Frequencies

Released in 2002 the Hi-Frequencies feels and sounds shimmeringly and like it could have been cut in 1963. The
Hi-Frequencies throw detail-obsessed surf rock and early garage playing into a blender and hit the majestic power pop button. But as much as audiophile-level mono sound replication is a key to the group's sound, so is conjuring the spirit of the pleasant part of the early '60s on the West Coast, exploring its boundaries and expanding them.

A combination of instrumentals and vocals. The rollicking "Clairton Beat" tumbles wonderfully into the opening "Mr. Tambourine Man" jangle of "To Do." "Jerome Green" is a shaking Bo Diddley-beat revival, played with style and pride. The album's best track, the beautiful "Stranded," is deceptively simple and effortless, with Kate Daly's bass working up a throbbing jungle beat, McAdams weaving an intoxicated reverb frenzy, rhythm guitar player Jason Lizzi hitting his chords always at exactly the right moment, and drummer Bill Scully alternating between rolls and four-on-the-floor playing, the whole thing timeless, effortless, and perfect. Bonus points for the meticulous All Summer Long send-up cover art and the deliciously quirky liner notes. A fully realized and convincing debut.

1. Clairton Beat 2. To Do 3. I've Got to Know 4. Junior Varsity 5. Wrong Again 6. Eldorado 7. Shaky 8. Peggy Sue Got Married 9. Jerome Green 10. Stranded 11. Riviera 12. Hodad's Revenge 13. You Never Win 14. Corvette Hollow


Friday, November 28, 2008

Calexico – Hot Rail

Calexico is like some half-breed love child of a mariachi band and Morphine. Like a band in a saloon from the good, the bad and the ugly they are both intoxicatingly exotic and mildly menacing. More than just a side project of Giant Sand's (and Friends of Dean Martinez's – see FCCL archives for these) John Convertino and Joey Burns, they are one of the most original bands to emerge of the American alternative scene in a long time. Mixing indie-rock sensibility with the traditional sounds of Southern USA and Mexico, Calexico's dark and moody sound incorporates mariachi (#1, 7), french chanson (#2), jazz (#3!), spaghetti western soundtrack music, post-rock (#14), American folk and old time western into an unique style perfectly fitting to their name. This album is not as multi-layered as their previous `Black Light'; more of your basic bass-drums-guitar, but still features vibes, organ, accordion, cello, harmonica and mariachi horns. Tracks 1, 7, 8, 12, 13 and 14 are instrumental.

1. El Picador 2. Ballad of Cable Hogue 3. Ritual Road Map 4. Fade 5. Sonic Wind
6. Muleta 7. Midtown – Calexico 8. Service and Repair 9. Drenched 10. 16 Track Scratch
11. Tres Avisos 12. Hot Rail



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Upstart Promo Sampler

A nice goodie from Upstart, some excellent tracks here, abit of surf, billy, and garage. You will find something in here you like.

1 Feel Like I'm Fallin' Tailgators 2 Brokenhearted I Will Wander Dennis Brennan 3 I Live on a Battlefield Nick Lowe 4 University Blvd. Los Straitjackets 5 Drag Blob Simon & the Bar Sinisters 6 Malt Liquor Man Big Ass Truck7Bubba David Tronzo & Reeves Gabrels8 It's a Wonderful Halibut The Halibuts 9 Love Magic Amazing Delores 10 Carry Me The Vidalias 11 119 Years Ago Reeves Gabrels w, Frank Black 12The A-Treatment Laika & the Cosmonauts 13 Born Too Late Falco, Tav and Panther Burns 14 Let Them Eat Rock Upper Crust, The 15 I Almost Lost My Mind Teisco DelRey



Demolition Derby: A Crash Course In New Music From Yep Roc

Fun punk,garage, surf sampler from Yep Rock. You will see familiar names and maybe a few new ones to check out. I bought this at Borders for 1 penny. You are getting it pretty close to what I paid for it. Enjoy.

1. Doublewide -- Southern Culture On The Skids; 2. Blues That Defy My Soul -- Dexter Romweber; 3. Slingshotz & Boomerangz -- C. C. Adcock; 4. Too Bad That You're Done -- Two Dollar Pistols; 5. Alive -- Chris Stamey; 6. Anyway -- Amy Farris; 7. Don't Die -- Ken Stringfellow; 8. Sweetwater -- Tres Chicas; 9. East -- Marah; 10. Zigaboo -- Spencer Dickinson; 11. Cruisin' Part 1 -- Houndog; 12. Invisible Drugs -- The Comas; 13. I Resign -- The Bigger Lovers; 14. The Forgotten Fridays -- The Minus 5; 15. Trouble -- The Butchies; 16. Even Numbers -- The Standard; 17. Ways In Which We Burn -- Jason Darling; 18. Sleeperhold -- Dolorean; & 19. Mr. Melee -- Laika & The Cosmonauts.



Friday, July 25, 2008

Department of Crooks - Plan 9 From Outer Space

Department of Crooks – Plan 9 From Outer Space

Marc Moreland founded this trio whose sound could be equated to a soundtrack inspired by an Ed Wood production of a science-fiction induced spaghetti-western set deep in the seedy heart of Las Vegas.

With a name like Department of Crooks, you might expect "Plan 9" to be another gangsta rap tirade about crack ho's and the like, but then you'd be wrong. DOC -- with its twangy Western guitar sound, pop hooks, and occasional strange sound effects -- plays very accessible, mostly mid-tempo tunes designed to pour out of a Mustang convertible while trolling down the interstate to Barstow. With regular airplay several of these tunes could be hits, especially among pop aficianados. So, if you're moshed out and your ears are glazing over after listening to another anonymous techno-industrial-jungle-acid-garage-trance-house mix, you can do a lot worse than these rather law-abiding and tuneful Crooks.

Accessible, mid-tempo pop with twangy guitars. Well done. -- Phil Dirt
1) Seven Weeks -- Straight-ahead pop reminiscent of the '70s British New Wave sound with an added surf guitar riff. It's well constructed and ready for radio airplay.***
2) Whatcha Wanna Do Now? -- A repetitive bass line and interesting instrumental drop-ins surround a low-key, spoken vocal. It's got a good groove that carries you along, but at 5:48 it's a bit long and could have used more breaks/bridges/choruses.****
3) Plan 9 From Las Vegas -- A medium tempo instrumental with a twangy Western guitar, a honky-tonk piano, banjo, and a variety of musical and spacey sound effects. It sounds like the soundtrack for a film of the same name that would play over the opening credits.***
4) X-Ray Vision -- Another retro-pop tune out of the Brit New Wave mold.***
5) Walking with Darla -- A moody, evocative instrumental that features nicely close-miked acoustic steel string guitars, a simple piano figure and a scratchy low-fi Country-Western recording of "Tennesee Waltz." This is one of the more original tunes on the disc.****
6) Oh-Oui-Anne -- Back to the simple Brit-pop sound, this time a ballad. It's got a nice, gentle, loping feel.***
7) One Night in June -- A mid-tempo rocker, again in the Brit-pop style. The twist on this tune is that at about 3:30 it ends and the closing chord's vibratory harmonics are looped and processed for the next minute before fading out.***
8) Falling On Down -- A more straight-ahead tune with a rocking chorus. It ends/transitions to the next tune with an excerpt from a horror film.***
9) Beggar Blue Sky -- The distorted lead guitars add an edge to this tune. It builds nicely at the end, turning into one of the hardest rocking tunes on the album.***
10) Whiskey & Cadillacs -- The pace slows again for this ballad that features a march-like drum pattern and bagpipe-sounding synth. The backing vocals add interest to the anthemic melody.***
11) Aunt Sadie's House -- A slow, acapela fade-in leads to an oompah tuba-like rhythm. The words, which sound like "nyah, nyah, nyah," add to the silliness of this throwaway.**12) New York City -- The twangy Western guitar sound returns to support a reverbed vocal (reminiscent of Johnny Cash) about how New York is not all it's cracked up to be. The chorus carries you along.***

1. Seven Weeks 2. Whatcha Wanna Do Now? 3. Plan 9 from Las Vegas
4. X-Ray Vision 5. Walking With Darla 6. Oh-Oui-Anne 7. One Night in June
8. Falling on Down 9. Beggar Blue Sky 10. Whiskey & Cadillacs
11. Aunt Sandie's House 12. New York City



Friday, July 11, 2008

Hawaii Mud Bombers - Mondo Primo

A cross between the Ramones and The Beach Boys, the Hawaii Mud Bombers are a Swedish band that play fun, energetic, surfy rock and roll. Half instrumental, half garagey vocal. They have performed all over Sweden for years, while building a sizable fanbase in other territories, like Japan (where they have toured!). Mondo Primo is their FIRST U.S. release. "Johanna Beach" was voted 5th best song of the year on Little Steven's Underground Garage. calls it "a darn near perfect power pop tune.

Don’t let that fool you. "Mondo Primo is simply a great pop record, unafraid to be overtly commercial, but achieved with a real passion for catchy melodies, a very impressive album."

1. The Act 2. Johanna Beach 3. Wolf n' the Lamb 4. Mondo Primo 5. Torpedo
6. Mr. Menage a Trois 7. Natsu No Hi 8. Suzuki Samurai 9. Birds and Bees10. Intermission 11. MTV 12. When I Sway 13. Hit The Beach


Monday, May 5, 2008

Os Ostras - Operacao Submarina

Phil Dirt sez -- This is a great CD. It's half incredibly cool vocals, and half amazingly rich and well done instrumentals. "Intruder / Todo Dia" is a slow and sultry instro with long flowing bass notes and ringing guitar. It's very short, and quite beautiful. It's essentially an intro to "Todo Dia." Fast double picked aggression and great punkoidal drums rock the roll right outta the house! Rhythmic and percussive, "Let's Go" is a sparkling merger of aggressive surf and punk. Very cool! With a "Squad Car" intro, and great duel damped reverb guitars, "Perseguicao (190)" sports horns in the lead with the reverb out front. This is one cool track! It's very simple, but very infectious. "Dick Tracy" is a spy song in a "Pipeline" inspired arrangement with great reverb and cool whammy chords. very simple, and very cool! Damped reverb at a moderate pace beneath a fine surfable melody riff drive this moody aqua zone. Vibrato, reverb, shimmer, and surf. A fine track. In a slightly Oriental arrangement, with ventures string swipes, and a moody rhythm track, "Hong Kong Surfers" is cautiously infectious and slightly happy. It's a really fine track with an excellent melody and upbeat sound. "Operacao Submarina" moves slowly, like a shadow on the horizon, before launching into a tasteful mid tempo surf number. Haunting and atmospheric, with a sense of adventure. This time out, "Missao Impossivel Para Os Ostras" is punked out loud and fast. Heavy and aggressive! This track is unlisted on the sleeve. Tribal flute and drums, with a distant surf guitar run beautifully under a narrative, in some ways like the Treble Spankers' "Araban." Totally cool!

Vocals include the great poppy "Tudo Pra Mim," the fuzz garage "Homem Morto," the fuzz and ska cool "Eu Nao Sabia," the percussive and infectious "Todo Dia," the damped reverb guitar supported "Gol, Gol, Gol," which is one cool song, and the raw "Surf Hardcore."

Well worth it.

Intruder / Todo Dia, Let's Go, Perseguicao (190), Dick Tracy, Missao Impossivel Para Os Ostras (parte L), Hong Kong Surfers, Operacao Submarina, Missao Impossivel Para Os Ostras (parte LL), Back To The West


The Romans - You Only Live Once

The Romans were one of Los Angeles' first super-groups with members of the budding art/punk scene sweeping Southern California in the early 80's. With members from Human Hands, Monitor, BPeople, Deadbeats, 45 Grave, Consumers, Tikis, the LAFMS and Green On Red, The Romans added a unique voice to the "LA Punk" movement. While the explosive chemistry of The Romans was short lived, with only 2 full-length LPs ever recorded, band members went on to make rock history with Mazzy Star and Opal. On the debut release, The Romans were Mikey Borens, Pat Delaney, Juan Gomez, Keith Mitchell, and Michael Uhlenkott, and was engineered by the legendary Paul Cutler.
Digitally re-mastered from the original analog tapes under the supervision of founding member Juan Gomez, this is the first time The Romans debut 1983 LP, You Only Live Once has ever been available on CD. In addition to the entire first LP there's exclusive early demos, live tracks and ultra-rare soundtrack cuts from the 80's horror cult classic "The Hideous Sun Demon" starring Jay Leno, rounding out this 21 track CD. They artfully blended punk, noise, surf, country, psych, and rock to create really one of the most unique sounds of the early 80s.

1. Runway 2. Iron Cross 3. Tuned Out 4. Shorebreak 5. Birdbrain 6. Nazarene
7. Small World Romans 9. Blob! 10. Motu Tapu 11. Big Neck 12. What Gives?
13. You Only Live Once 14. Black Romans 15. It's A Lie Romans 16. Slave Romans
17. Birdbrain (demo version) 18. Beebs & Jeebs 19. Footsteps 20. Moonlight
21. Chasm


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